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whacked's Journal

7 August
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Life is full of comical value, this is merely documentation.
!!!, 90 day men, abstract, alexis on fire, an albatross, apples in stereo, appleseed cast, arab on radar, art, atom and his package, blood brothers, bombs over providence, boxstep, boys night out, braid, brittle stars, broken social scene, bullfrog, chixdiggit, circle takes the square, closet monster, comical value, cooking, daughters, dead letter dept, dead prez, death cab for cutie, death from above, deathray davies, denali, destroyer, dismemberment plan, dressy bessy, drowningman, drums and tuba, easily amused, emo, emotive, erase errata, food, for all the emptiness, french toast, from fiction, girls, godspeed you black emperor, grade, growing pains, happy days, hardcore, hepcat, hopesfall, hot cross, inbreds, indie rock, jealous sound, jersey, jurassic 5, kepler, kid dynamite, kid koala, les savy fav, less than jake, look what you did, marilyn's vitamins, meligrove band, melt banana, milemarker, mindless self indulgence, minus the bear, moneen, mu330, mustard plug, national skyline, nerf herder, noise addict, north of america, of montreal, outspan, palakta, pasta, pavement, pele, perfect strangers, pettit project, planes mistaken for stars, pogs, promoter, pung, punk, q and not u, rainer maria, reach the sky, red light sting, shows, sick lipstick, silverstein, sinclaire, ska, slackers, sloppy meat eaters, small brown bike, snailhouse, spazz, spiky hair, spinecracker, sports, strike anywhere, summer hymns, super xx man, supermarket allstars, swearing at motorists, taking pictures, ted leo, teen idols, the bicycles, the black eyes, the carnations, the dears, the explanation, the faint, the fairways, the fire theft, the fruit bats, the fullblast, the kills, the like young, the locust, the make-up, the mercury program, the miracle of 86, the new pornographers, the o, the orange peels, the rah bras, the rapture, the rentals, the smugglers, the strike, transistor transistor, tristeza, true north, twelve hour turn, ultimate fakebook, uscorn pops, weights and measures, wesley willis, wolfie, zebrahead